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Internet access is essential to participating in today's world​, and for millions of Americans, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has helped​ them to get online. ​Despite the undisputed success of the ACP, the program will run out of funding in just over 90 days - unless Congress acts.

Failure by Congress to fund this program will force millions of households already on tight budgets to choose between internet access and other essential services. They cannot afford to make that choice and neither can we without jeopardizing the historic $42B infrastructure investment that will finally get all Americans access to broadband.

Tell Congress to FUND THE ACP!

How Critical Is the ACP to Americans?

23 million
households enrolled
1.1 million
10 million
subscribers age 65+
1 in 6
American households

Important Dates

January 25
Don't Disconnect Us Day
Deadline for providers to send the first notification to consumers that the ACP is ending
February 7
Last day to enroll new households in the ACP
April 30th
Projected to be the last fully funded month by the ACP
More than 22 million American households [need copy]
February 7
Enrollment freezes. 30 million eligible households blocked from ACP internet discount
April 10
Don’t Disconnect US Day 2 time is running out to save the ACP. 1 in 6 Americans’ internet bills will increase at the end of this month.
April 30
Last estimated day ACP is fully funded
ACP shuts down. Millions of low-income Americans hit with bill spike and/or disconnected.

Tell Congress to save the ACP before it's too late!

We’re asking everyone—including you!—to tell their members of Congress to support funding for the ACP.

It's easy and only takes a few minutes. Offices track constituent outreach, so your help really does make a difference.


Calling is an effective and direct way to reach Congress. Click the link above to look up phone numbers for your representative and Senators. The form also provides talking points for a quick and painless call.


Use our platform to find and email your representative and both of your Senators. Feel free to customize the message or use our pre-written template.

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